Forum of forwarders and carriers

Cargo.LT is freight and transport exchange market (data base) for those who offer goods (loads, cargo) and/or transport for transportation of goods (loads, cargo) – it’s the traders, manufacturers, carriers, freight forwarders and other transport-related businesses.

The most common proposals from this site the transportation of cargo from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia (the Baltic States), as well as cargo to / from Western Europe and Russia. 7000-8000 offers of loads are placed the database every day and about 10000-12000 of freight transport services are offered as well in variety of directions.

The site contains more than 15,000 freight forwarders and transport companies from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Poland, that are ready to deliver your cargo to its destination.

Placing your freight or cargo offer in Cargo.LT database, means that a lot of shippers, carriers and freight forwarders from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, are ready to deliver your cargo to its destination.

You can obtain information on cargo or transportation that might be interesting to you in real time on the e-mail, SMS or Cargo.Pager.

"Black list" provides information on „problematic“ freight forwarder and carriers. This allows you to choose a reliable partner and transport your cargo under minimal risk.

Freight cost, the potential problems of customs clearance of goods (loads, cargo), finding transport shipper or transport carrier - the answers to these and many other issues, can be found on "Freight Forwarders and carriers' forum."

What to do if there appeared a problem while transporting cargo: damage cargo, late delivery or the carrier was late for cargo loading - in the column "Legal advice" Our lawyers will advise you on all points of freight transport in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus.

We hope that the website Cargo.LT will become your assistant permanently in finding a load or carrying a cargo or even looking for constant shippers.